If you have been following golf for a while, then you probably know that the game has gone through some major changes. There was a time when it was regarded as a game played by the rich and mighty, but over the years, there have been people across different social classes who are embracing the sport. Long gone are the days when golf courses were a reserve of the old and rich who were spending the last of their pension money on luxuries. An interesting addition to the changing faces of golf is the introduction of high definition golf that allows players to engage in virtual golf games. Some of the reasons why there are more people seeking the thrills of indoor games include:

You can play in all weather

This is good news to golf lovers who have had to cancel games due to rains, snow or unbearable sun. With virtual golf, you can stay indoors, in your air conditioned room and keep playing regardless of weather outside. If you are a rookie who is honing his skills, this provides you with numerous hours under which you can practise without wondering if you are inconveniencing people, or if the golf course will close.

It is cheaper

Getting place into a golf course, hiring a trainer and paying for membership can be costly. Most golf clubs have an exclusive members only arrangement that locks out other enthusiasts who are not financially endowed. A virtual golf center provides a relief, as it only needs you to have a small room and invest in a stimulator equipment that does not need much maintenance.

You have your privacy

If you are an introvert who just wants to play and go home without necessarily having to interact with other players, then this is the place for you. It is also an advantage if you are a professional golfer and you do not want to bare out your winning strategies to people who are watching in the field. You can also comfortably experiment with new techniques and swings without feeling conscious of people watching.

You set your own schedule

Doing outdoor golf means that you have to abide by the timings and schedules set by the golf course. Most of them open at specific hours and have rules that must be followed, lest one is thrown out. Having your own simulator makes you your own boss. You do not have to live by someone else’s rules. You can even play after work if you are employed and rarely get time to engage in sporting activities.

You get the right club size

Golf equipment shops often use golf simulators to guide their customers in the best golf gear to buy. Before you buy your clubs, you can try them on sims to see if they are a perfect match.

You learn new tricks

If you go for the high definition golf simulators, you will be able to use the suggestions of the data that the simulators gather to see areas in which you need to improve.